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CHB 14 is a modern office building in Kraków at Christo Botewa 14 street.

The building provides excellent conditions for business development because of its location. With this location of the building, it can be easily accessed from any part of the city, by both public and private transport. However, the most important asset in this respect is a small distance from the Rybitwy interchange on the A4 motorway which, at the moment, provides excellent transport connections with southern Poland, and, once the construction of the eastern ring road of Kraków is completed, it will provide the perfect connection with north-eastern Poland as well.

In terms of architecture, the shape of the building makes you think of minimalist timelessness, while the attention to the high standard of finish of both external as well as interior components is an undoubted advantage of this investment. The building is equipped with two high-speed lifts, has an underground garage and a number of systems that streamline work and make it easier, such as DSO or access control system.

Apart from the stately, modern lobby, on the ground floor of the building there is space for rent: designed for eating place, approximately 90 sq. m. and sales and service premises, approximately 240 sq. m.

On floors 1 – 5, CHB 14 tenants are offered in total approximately 4 580 sq. m. of office space. Each floor space from 813 to 850 sq. m. is an open space where premises can be freely arranged and/or split up.

Apart from places in the underground garage, tenants are offered external parking places as well.


  • High standard lobby
  • Two high-speed lifts
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Fire protection system with smoke detectors
  • Access control system
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